The New Zealand government has condemned thousands of homes by creating "residential red zones" without consulting the affected residents. By using earthquake and insurance as red herrings, the government is taking private property unjustly. will you stand up to it?

You Have a Choice to Move or to Move

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15 June 2013- Quake Outcast New Zealand's High Court case will begin hearing proceedings on 22 July, 2013 and will last for three days.

1 May 2013- Quake Outcasts New Zealand formally filed for judicial review at the Christchurch High Court against the Minister for Canterbury Earthquake Recovery and the CEO of Canterbury Earthquake Recovery Authority.

13 September 2012-  Red zoning is a government contrived instrument aimed at mitigating EQC's claim liability. The latest government announcement to 'assist' uninsured, vacant land, and commercial property owners whose properties were condemned by red zoning is an abomination to justice and will not go unchallenged. People who contrived and helped implement such outrageous policies will surely be held accountable.

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and you have a choice to either sell your house to the crown or sell your house to the crown,


at the price set by the government .

The problem many affected residential "red zone" home owners have is that not everyone is affected so badly by the quakes that they have to move. Many don't wish to move.

The government devised a supposedly voluntary buyout offer aimed at moving residents out of the "red zone" based on a set of criteria that one has to be insured to receive an offer, and the offer price is proportionally based on the Rating Valuation and the insurance coverage.

The government also threatens that if one doesn't accept the 'voluntary' offer, a compulsory buyout will be made at a lower price, and that essential services (power, water, sewer, etc) will be turned off to force you out.

This means:
1. Uninsured home owners have their homes condemned, without due process or just cause. [Total loss of home value]
2. Under-insured home owners are offered reduced buyout price, proportional to their insurance coverage. [Substantial loss of home value]
3. Fully-insured home owners cannot repair, or rebuild (if necessary) on their own land, and will lose insurance entitlements if choose to sell to the government. [Partial/substantial loss of home value]
At the end of the day, all home owners still own their house and land, regardless of earthquake damage (if any). No civilised country can confiscate private property in this manner.

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Future Implications


New Zealand sits in a geologically active region of the world. Chances are in your lifetime you will encounter at least one significant natural disaster. It could be an earthquake, tsunami, flooding, landslide, tornado, or volcano eruption.

imageSo when the next disaster happens, the government can look at the Canterbury earthquakes as a precedent, and do as they did in Canterbury- Special powers, suspension of normal laws, forced relocations, intervention in private insurance policies, unconsulted unilateral decisions, withholding of scientific findings, just to name a few.

Well-intended or not, these policies have compounded pain and suffering Canterburians had to endure, and this could happen elsewhere in New Zealand.

Is this really what you want? 





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Do to others

as you would have them do to you. Before judging others, think about what if it was you who is suffering. Do you feel like others do? 

What would you say to your children?

Are you a decent human being?

Many staunch critics of us came to realise their own falacies after learning the truth.  Will you be one of them?


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Together we can achieve fairness and justice