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Though many have suffered  from the devastating earthquakes of 2010 and 2011, it was certain government policies that actually exacerbated, if not created  more suffering.  We are asking the policy-makers to do the right thing for the good of the affected Canterburians and for New Zealand.


Q & A  For the Red Zoned Residents

Q: What are you asking for?
A: Quake Outcasts is asking for fair and just treatment, nothing more, and nothing less.

Q: The government has red zoned my house and I want to stay - what can I do?
A: You should contact Quake Outcasts. Together we will find a solution.

Q: I'm uninsured (or under-insured) and red zoned, and my house is undamaged- what can I do?
A: You should contact Quake Outcasts immediately. Your rights are being ignored.

Q: I'm uninsured and red zoned, and my house is damaged - what can I do?
A: You should contact Quake Outcasts. We will put you in contact with organisations that can help you repair. We will also advocate for you to have your rights upheld.

Q: I'm fully-insured and red zoned, and I have a buyout offer that is too low and unfair - what can I do?
A: The government initially set out a policy that it would set up a review process for the buyout value. They lied.

Q & A For Everyone Unaffected

Q: Why did the government red zone parts of Christchurch and Canterbury?
A: According to official explanation, there were a combination of reasons, however the deciding factor seems to be the future cost (to government) of repairing & replacing infrastructure. You can learn more from government's own cabinet papers.

Q: Why are some people unhappy given that government is offering to buy their houses?

A: Like any normal human being, some people are simply not interested in the buyout offer. Many red zoned homes are undamaged or slightly damaged, and people are simply not interested in moving. Think about all the hassel and costs of moving house, would you want to if someone offers you to buy your house today (regardless of the price)? Perhaps not.

Q: But the government determined that the red zoned land is too damaged to support housing, isn't this a good reason for forced relocation?
A: If the government decided to de-commission a residential neighbourhood, then it should fairly compensate all home owners. That is, at pre-event fair Market Value, and by mutual agreement.

Q: Why should under-insured and uninsured home owners be compensated?
A: The under-insured and uninsured home owners only take on the risk of damage caused by the quakes, not the de-commissioning of suburbs by red-zoning. They have the right to repair (with their own funds) and continue to live on their land. If government insists that they must vacate their homes, then there is no reason why they should not be compensated. Denying fair compensation to the under/uninsured is like denying health care to overweight people- "becacuse you fatties ought to have done diets and excercises, we deny you health care!" This reasoning is false logic.


If you are from the media and would like to know more, please contact us. Media releases and related material are available upon request.

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Do to others

as you would have them do to you. Before judging others, think about what if it was you who is suffering. Do you feel like others do? 

What would you say to your children?

Are you a decent human being?

Many staunch critics of us came to realise their own falacies after learning the truth.  Will you be one of them?


Please contact us if you are a fellow red zoned home owner who is at a crossroad. Your call will be treated with confidentiality. Or if you prefer, email us:

ph:  (022) 314-7619

Together we can achieve fairness and justice